Should I stay or should I go?

I wonder, after seeing my post’s title, how many people are singing The Clash’s popular tune. I sure am. 😀

The reason for today’s post is for me to see how many people are utilizing the information on the site — if I should keep this site up. 

If this site is used by folks, it’ll stay. If it’s not, well, I think it’s time to go. 


No stay comments = this site will be gone in November. 


Art and Social Studies

Project: Have your child create a cave art scene based on “An Important Day in Their Life.” Then, you can have them present it while you play anthropologist. If your child is unfamiliar with that term, then this is a great place to add a new word to their mental dictionary. 

You can expand the lesson by discussing the colors used in their artwork, where the colors came from, what they drew, and why it’s important to anthropologists. Cave Art Link


This was Cara’s creation. Do you know what it is?

Did you also know, back then, the artist signed their artwork with their handprint? So, make sure your artist signs theirs as well. 

Write Book Reviews

I’ve asked my daughter to write up a review on whatever book she just read in the past. Sometimes she gets so excited about telling me about a book and asks if she can read it to me. I love seeing my child excited about reading, not just the latest video on Youtube. 🙂

To assist your child with their first book review, I have put a single-page template below. You can drag it onto your desktop and print the page. If you don’t have a printer, you could always just handwrite each section. 

If you want to take the book review one step further, have your child collect their thoughts/notes and create a 3-5 paragraph book report. Then, they can read it aloud to you. 

Hope this helps you and your kiddos! 

**You will have to finagle with your print settings to get the template to fill the entire paper.**


If you have access to a printer, move each image to your desktop. Make sure and select “scale to fit” before printing the images or they’ll print itty bitty.**