First Science Project: Unit – Earth and Space

Design a Planet 

Possible art supplies needed for the planet’s construction: Styrofoam ball, paints, brushes, sequence, glue, construction paper, markers, skewer and carboard (for rings), and pom poms. I’m sure I miss some items. You might not even use all of the above mentioned, and that’s okay.

Along with the construction portion of the project, you’ll need to complete an oral presentation. All the information can be delivered through a slideshow, poster board, mini book, or brochure. It’s your choice so have fun with it. Below is a list of questions to help you create the information on your planet. Can’t wait to see your final project!! 


1.) Planet’s name?

2.) How close or far away is YOUR PLANET from OUR Earth or Sun?

3.) Which galaxy would you find it? If you’re “discovering a new planet,” you can “discover” a new galaxy too. 🙂

4.) Color? Size (Diameter)?

5.) Length of a year ____________________ days/Earth years?

6.) Average temperature?

7.) Number of moons? Suns?

8.) Population?

9.) Weather conditions?

10.) Terrain? Type of planet (gas, ice, dwarf, rocky, etc)?

11.) Life forms? Describe them.

12.) How does your planet compare to Earth?

13.) List any additional information you want, such as fun facts.

14.) Don’t forget to include your name!