Extinction (Art and Science Posterboard Project)

Have your child select ANY EXTINCT animal in history. If they’d rather explore an extinct insect or flower, let them. This project allows them to explore history and hopefully learn a thing or two. 🙂

After they gather their information, have them display their new-found knowledge on a poster board. If they’d rather ake a slideshow, that’s okay, let them. 


Possible questions for project

  1. scientific name
  2. common name (often used) 
  3. color
  4. size
  5. weight
  6. name 3 charactetistics
  7. located
  8. diet
  9. extinction date
  10. closest relative
  11. name 3 interesting facts 
  12. lifespan


 Ask your child to draw a picture of their animal, insect, or flower. 
And as always, don’t forget your name! 🙂