Should I stay or should I go?

I wonder, after seeing my post’s title, how many people are singing The Clash’s popular tune. I sure am. 😀

The reason for today’s post is for me to see how many people are utilizing the information on the site — if I should keep this site up. 

If this site is used by folks, it’ll stay. If it’s not, well, I think it’s time to go. 


No stay comments = this site will be gone in November. 


Honor Awards

Just because your child isn’t attending public school, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve an award for all their hard work. If you have access to a printer, surprise them with an honor’s award

. High Honor Roll



This website —> Certificate Street <—- has FREE pdfs so you can select and personalize an award for your child(ren). 


Week Two: Spelling


Spelling list – words with the short and long “e” vowel sounds

  • hockey
  • received
  • neither
  • believe
  • achievement
  • equality
  • referee
  • pleasant
  • illegal
  • nominee
  • electricity
  • frequent
  • entry
  • eagerly 
  • pique
  • abbreviate
  • tedious
  • (two bonus words, your choice)

**First day, go over each spelling word with your child. Make sure they can pronounce and understand the meaning of each one. For in-class work, have them copy each word correctly. **







DAY FIVE – Spelling Test! 



Book utilized in this week’s lesson: 
Evan-Moor, Building Spelling Skills: Amazon Link



Day Two


Day Three

1. referee, hockey, illegal
2. Neither, believe
3. received, achievemnet
4. eagerly, easel
5. frequent, electricity
6. nominee, equality


Day Four