Predict: Earth 50 million years in the future. (Art, Science, and Language Arts)

Unit: Earth and Space

There are NO wrong answers for this project! If you want to incorporate language arts, you can have your child explain their picture in written form. Then, they can present the image and the paper to you. 🙂

Option A: Print this worksheet and create the new Earth. 

Option B: Decorate a paper plate. 

Option C: Decorate a styrofoam ball

Option D: Trace a paper plate onto a sheet of paper and then decorate it. 


Science Kits

The ISBE mandates you have to teach Biological and Physical Science. You also have to teach Health. This is the order I’ll be teaching the different areas. As I’ve said before, I’m trying to make homeschooling as normal as can be for my daughter so we are going by the standard grading periods. 

(GP1) Earth and Space
(GP2) Life
(GP3) Physical
(GP4) Health. 

(Planned) Hands-on activities

In the coming weeks, I will add more info on the projects mentioned below: videos, pictures, questionnaires. I might add more since my daughter loves science. 

  1. Design a planet (oral presentation, LA, art, computer skills, and SC)
  2. Color-changing crystals (learn about chemical reaction)
  3. Use a microscope to explore nature – view cells
  4. Build a solar-powered wind chime.
  5. Underwater volcano
  6. Galaxy rocks 
  7. Conduct chemistry experiments from Discovery kit (link below)


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If you don’t have access to a microscope, here’s the link for one.