Honor Awards

Just because your child isn’t attending public school, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve an award for all their hard work. If you have access to a printer, surprise them with an honor’s award

. High Honor Roll



This website —> Certificate Street <—- has FREE pdfs so you can select and personalize an award for your child(ren). 


Popsicle Stick Monsters (Halloween Arts and Crafts)

Great Halloween project for a variety of ages! 


Materials Needed:



You can paint or color the popsicle sticks. If you decide to paint them, let them dry before gluing them together. Take a few of them and lay them out side by side till you get the desired size of the monster then glue a stick on the back diagonal.


Cut out shapes from the construction paper for the hair, mouth, teeth, horns, or whatever features you’d like on your monster. 

Flip the sticks over so the diagonally stick is on the bottom. Glue on your features and googly eyes! 


Check out my daughter’s final product!

Materials used: sticks, markers, googly eyes, glue, and construction paper. 



FREE Science Resources

Generation Genius
The site has videos aimed at K-8

After you select the video you like to watch, you’ll be redirected to a new scene. There, you’ll have everything you need to teach the topic: video, discussion questions, reading material, DIY activity guide, lesson plan, teacher’s guide, and assessment (quiz). 


Looking for science experiments?
Check out Sick Science! Youtube Channel.

Another great site is this —–> Steve Spangler Science.


Weareteachers.com  has valuable ideas/ activities as well. Check it out! 


Weather in Action!

On Tuesday (September 29th), I shared FOUR weather experiments. My daughter and I completed them all this week. Scroll down for snapshots and/or videos on each experiment. 


We had so much fun making blue rain,, so we decided to make purple and red rain too.