Write Book Reviews

I’ve asked my daughter to write up a review on whatever book she just read in the past. Sometimes she gets so excited about telling me about a book and asks if she can read it to me. I love seeing my child excited about reading, not just the latest video on Youtube. 🙂

To assist your child with their first book review, I have put a single-page template below. You can drag it onto your desktop and print the page. If you don’t have a printer, you could always just handwrite each section. 

If you want to take the book review one step further, have your child collect their thoughts/notes and create a 3-5 paragraph book report. Then, they can read it aloud to you. 

Hope this helps you and your kiddos! 

**You will have to finagle with your print settings to get the template to fill the entire paper.**


If you have access to a printer, move each image to your desktop. Make sure and select “scale to fit” before printing the images or they’ll print itty bitty.**


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