Art Activity: DIY Dream Catchers

My daughter has been asking to make a dream catcher for a while. I found this one on Amazon, but I also noticed Target was carrying it. 

Amazon Link

The kit comes with everything you need to make TWO dream catchers: detailed instructions, 2 hoops, yarn, cotton twine, feathers, pom poms, paper shapes, paper straws, threading wire, and adhesive strips.

The directions were easy to follow, and the project WAS NOT over in a flash. Cara, my daughter, spent quite a bit of time at the table with no complaint. She was so wrapped up in the project; she didn’t realize how long she’d been working on her creation. 



(Dream sign not included.)

If you wanted to, you could include History and Language Arts with this art project. Click HERE for more information regarding the “History, Legend & Origins of Dream Catchers.”

For L.A., ask your child to write about a dream they had. 


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